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The State of Kubernetes 2022

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Kubernetes has crossed the chasm – rapidly moving from emerging technology to mainstream IT in just a few years. Our latest survey of qualified software development and IT professionals highlights the benefits and challenges of this astonishing growth.


Key findings include:

  • 99% of respondents recognize the clear benefits of Kubernetes; 97% said they would pay for support and services for important Kubernetes tools
  • Nearly ⅓ are operating 50 or more Kubernetes clusters, up from only 15% last year
  • of companies currently operating 100+ Kubernetes clusters expect to increase that number by 50% in 2022
  • 62% adopted Kubernetes to increase the flexibility of applications, while 59% used it to improve cloud utilization
  • 46% indicated applying policy consistently across clusters and teams as a security concern, up from 37% last year

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